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About us 关于我们
Leeds Chinese Women’s Group is a voluntary organisation which provides services to Chinese women. We arrange activities, especially for Chinese women who are on low income and trainings to broaden their skills.
Aims and objectives 目标

We aim to provide support and assistance for them in their lives and difficulties. We understanding that a lot of Chinese women in this country are the victims of oppression due to the language barrier, so they are suffering by isolation and also lack of social provision.

  • to relieve poverty and the needs of Chinese women in Leeds and neighbouring districts (the area of benefit) together with their children and dependants;
  • to promote the education of Chinese women in order to improve the quality of life for them and their families;
  • to promote and support any other charitable purpose in the area of benefit.


Contacts 联系方法
  • Room 4 – 7, 1st Floor
  • 10 Merrion Street
  • Leeds, LS1 6PQ
  • Tel/Fax: 0113 2349030

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