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Chinese Community Centre has five main aims which guide all our planned work for the 2007 to 2010 period.
This is detailed in our 2007-2010 Business Plan. Our five aims are:

  1. To provide a range of community support activities and services for Chinese communities, particularly for those people who
    are disadvantged, isolated or vunerable.
  2. To increase understanding and awareness of the needs of Chinese communities regionally through undertaking and commis
    -sioning research.
  3. To provide a strong voice for the Chinese community through representation of the views and interests of the community at
    the local and regional level.
  4. The Leeds Chinese Community Centre will also provide a channel through which the views and proposals of local, regional and
    national government can be presented to the Chinese community.
  5. To become a leading centre for the promotion of Chinese culture and traditions within the UK Chinese community, the wider
    UK population and internationally.
  6. To increase the effectiveness of support services for the Chinese community through a programme of Centre develop
    to improve quality and efficiency.

LCCA 2007/2014